Alchemist Discoveries

The following page covers homebrew Alchemist discoveries and their effects.


Grenade (Su): While most Alchemists use potent magical explosives as their main form of weaponry, some decide to eschew this path. These Alchemists often lament that so much research has gone into making those bombs a potent weapon, and begrudgingly pick up research into similar weapons, albeit at a reduced pace.

An Alchemist with this discovery can make a less potent version of the Alchemists Bomb as described below.

The Grenade does 1d4 damage, increasing by 1d4 at 4th-level and every 4 levels thereafter. The Grenade does it's minimum damage as splash damage just as the bomb does, and can be used a number of times per day equal to the Alchemists Intelligence modifier.

An Alchemist with this discovery is considered to have the Bomb (Su) class feature just as normal alchemist would and the Grenades created by it can benefit from any discoveries that modify Bombs. An Alchemist with the Bomb class feature may not take this discovery.

Mana Infusion (Sp): Most Alchemist generate their extracts or bombs by infusing a small amount of their magical essence into alchemical substances. Some Alchemists find a way to infuse this power into objects as well.

An Alchemist with this discovery must choose a number of spells from the Wizard/Sorcerer Spell List equal to their Intelligence modifier. These spells must be of a level the Artificer can normally cast. Even though an Alchemist may not learn level 0 spells, they may select 2 spells of level 0 in place of a single spell chosen this way.

An Alchemist with this discovery may infuse object with any of the chosen spells. Doing so requires a minute per level of the spell.  

An Infused object may act as the source or the target of any spell infused into it, including spells that would not normally affect an object, and may be activated either on command, or by a trigger defined by the Alchemist. This trigger can be defined at any time but the Alchemist must spend a full-round action with the item to do so.

An Alchemist with this discovery may have a number of Objects infused with their magical power equal to half their Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). Once a spell has been cast from the object it may not cast it again until the Alchemist can prepare his extracts again.

If an Alchemist would infuse more items than their limit, they must choose a number of items that lose their infusion until they are back down to their limit. Spells that can have multiple targets may be infused into multiple items, while only being considered one infused item, however each item would only contain one charge of the spell. This discovery may be chosen multiple times, each time increasing the spells that can be used by the Alchemists intelligence modifier, and increasing the number of objects that can be infused by 2.


Alchemist Discoveries

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