New Voyager

"A'hoy Voyager!

What's that? Whaddumean what'sa'Voyager?

You mean you're not them?

WHY, The new voyager o'course!" – Captain Flint's famous new recruit prank



A long time ago an event known as: The Great Transcendence, The Great Rift, any variation of the apocalypse, etc. happened, leaving what was then a primitive by modern standards Earth to find that legends told by their forefathers were true. Living in different realms for more than a millennia were fantastic races, creatures of magic, and even the demons of old.

On that day, Humanity was confronted by Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, and more…

And so too did the gods of old speak once more throughout their lands, each speaking words of wisdom to their followers and guiding them in this time of crisis.
More confusingly, different variations of the same god even seemed to appear, telling both sides they were correct in their beliefs.

Through years of religious wars, most other sentient races found themselves establishing strong xenophobic cities, states, and nations.

When after a hundred years of war, and several bloody changes to the face of history we find ourselves in the midst of a tense nationalist, expansionist Europe, driven by magic and occultism.

Only recently have the other Nations of Humanity opened their borders to trade, or to adventurer's.

And the main source of jobs in the land is a company known as the Voyager society.

Voyager's are those hired to slay beasts, collect information, fight in armies. They are scientists, mages, hired muscle, artists looking to see the world, and everything in-between.

The ranks in this society work like that of a naval vessel, and those with the rank of Captain are respected as knights once were.


The following races are allowed with the following change: Any race listed that would have been considered Outsider with the native subtype are now Humanoid, with the subtype of their parents race (Human for Human, Elf for Elf, etc.). All of these races look more humanoid as anything that has been born into this world of an extra planar creature has either morphed into one of its parents, gone mad, or been persecuted to death from a young age.

The Races of Humanity:

With the exception of Half-Orcs, the Races of Humanity are generally amiable to each other, forming anything from well established mixed communities to trade between even the racially segregated cities.








The Races of Mixed Parentage:

The following races are races whose parents are creatures from another plane, or whose parents may be magical in nature.





​​​​​​​The Races of Elemental Blood:

The following races are generally humans who have either been bound to a weak elemental, whose bodies were altered from a young age due to exposure to a planar rift, or whose parents were strong spell casters attuned to a specific element.






​​​​​​​Character Creation:

Ability scores will be rolled as 3 sets of 3d6. Each set keeps it's numbers together, no re-rolls. Only one of these sets may be chosen.

We will additionally be using the following rules:

Occupations & Backgrounds – Note: If there are any questions on what a class should be rolling for gold, please ask.

Background Skills

Lore and Artistry Skills

Limited Magic

Overclocked Spells

Spell Critical Hits

Spell Fumbles

And we will be using Drawbacks as well, each character must take at least 1 drawback, which they do not receive an additional trait for. They may further take 2 more, which they do recieve the additional trait for. If they take 2 additional drawbacks, they may choose to forgo the additional traits, and instead choose any general feat they meet the prerequisites for to take as a bonus feat.

Only the races listed before this section of the page may be used as a player character.


New Voyager

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